Trumpett Google Earth (TRUM 0544)

Visit historical and present-day Trumpett sites using Google Earth. If you have Google Earth installed you can click on any Placemark file below and it will fly you to the location. When you are there, click on the Placemark for tourist information.
If you don't have Google Earth installed you need to install it first from The 16 Placemark files can also be downloaded in one zipfile! See bottom of page (right-click + save).

Please note: Not all web browsers fully support the use of Google Earth Placemark files. Mozilla Firefox does, but Internet Explorer and Safari not always do. If you experience problems opening a Placemark file, download it first to your computer (right-click + save) and open it from there.

01. Panzerbunker Tonstudio 194.kmz

02. Zivago GmbH.kmz

03. Freakowitz & Einstein Studios (destroyed).kmz

04. A. van Garde Bedroom Studio.kmz

05. Freakowitz Bedroom & Livingroom Studios.kmz

06. C. Stein Bedroom Studio.kmz

07. Brinkhouse Bedroom & Livingroom Studios.kmz

08. The Actor Studio Amsterdam (destroyed).kmz

09. Studio Trumpetto.kmz

10. Studio Grand'Rue de Vieille.kmz

11. C. Stein Side-Room Studio.kmz

12. Trumpett MAT Temporary HQ.kmz

13. Trumpett Vision - TV439.kmz

14. The New C. Stein Studios.kmz

15. Vögelkino 30.kmz

16. Trumpett France QC.kmz


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