DOXA SINISTRA Newsflashes double 12" (TRUM 0718) € 7,90

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A1. Newsflashes
A2. Media Bomb
A3. Remote Birth Control
B1. Foreign Correspondent
B2. Swindle
B3. The Sky Is The Limit
C1. Televisor
C2. Call Now!
C3. Cocoon World
D1. International Cycling Sport
D2. Il Spirito Di Sergio Leone
D3. The 12 Miss Pelicoes


After the re-issue on LP of Conveyer Belt in 2008, and the re-issue on LP of Via Del Latte, earlier this year (both on the Enfant Terrible label), November 2011 sees the re-issue on wax of the third and final Doxa Sinistra album Newsflashes, originally released on cassette in 1988. This fully remastered version comes as a double-12", in an edition of 350, on Trumpett itself.
Having operated as a duo on the previous albums, for Newsflashes Doxa Sinistra expanded to a four piece band, with the participation of guitarists Mark Tegefoss and André Bach of Det Wiehl (Lebel Period/Staalplaat). As a result the sound was no longer merely industrial, and the compositions covered a wider range than on Conveyer Belt. In a review from 1988, Newsflashes was described as:
"Manicured noise with superior musicianship & ideal textures equal the leading edge of intelligent sound. Synthesizers and excellent guitar riffs team up with full-speed rhythm boxes and vocoder vocals! This is progressive industrial music with a unique bite."

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