ENDE SHNEAFLIET Synthimental Love Songs LP (TRUM 0748) € 6,90

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A1. My Mother Sells Tupperware
A2. Panzerfaust 60m
A3. Poison
A4. Lauda Und Reutemann
A5. Symphoy Romant (J. Tesla Schnitt)
A6. Air Zaïre (Live)
B1. Twistin' On The Tombstones
B2. Ant People
B3. Voices Of The Dead (Snap Schnitt)
B4. Macho Japanese
B5. Fluzikonn


When in Spring 2006 Enfant Terrible and Trumpett decided to release a retrospective of the former cassette label's main act Ende Shneafliet, more than thirty tracks were selected from the band's huge 1981-1983 catalogue. The initial idea to do a triple-LP was abandoned for being perverse, after which ET's head honcho M. selected 22 tracks that were sequenced to 4 LP sides.
Released as Twistin' On The Tombstones (Enfant05/TRUM 0548) in August 2006, the double-LP received many positive reviews and the 500 copies sold out within 9 months. The remaining 11 selected tracks were later released as a limited Trumpett Christmas CD.
Now, in November 2011, to celebrate Trumpett's 30th birthday, these gems are released on LP as yet, titled Synthimental Love Songs (TRUM 0748), after a track from the band's 1983 VPRO Spleen concert. The record comes on crystal clear vinyl in an edition of 320.
Twistin' On The Tombstones, Air Zaïre and Voices Of The Dead, were released on vinyl before, on the long out of print Trumpett Sounds and Trumpett Days compilation LP's on Enfant Terrible. Symphoy Romant (J. Tesla Schnitt) is a previously unpublished edit of the full lenght studio recording that featured on the rare and mythical Reminiscent boxset.
The remaining 7 tracks are all unreleased on vinyl before. They include the shamelessly catchy synth tune My Mother Sells Tupperware, the nihilist ditty Poison, the up-tempo minimal dub cut Panzerfaust 60m, the sinister Ant People, and Lauda Und Reutemann: unintentionally sounding like the instrumental part of Dance Sister Dance, from Santana's 1976 Amigos album, but easily beating the original. Minimal Electronics? Minimal Wave? What?

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